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Flygraphene nano tech powerful engine oils!

About FlyGraphnene



FlyGraphene Motor Oils are designed and manufactured using Nano-Technology and nano-graphene particles to enhance the lubricants performance. This series of lubricants infused with Nano-Technology are called Electrun. Electrun is a new nanotechnology lubricant for improving your car's engine performance. Electrun significantly reduces wear by producing a thin lubricating coat that withstands high pressures and is resilient within the operating conditions of an engine. It reduces energy consumption and lowers harmful emissions. Nano-scale particles ensure reduced friction as well as efficient long-term engine protection. Excellent lubrication is achieved for cold-starts and high RPMs for added power.

Our Technology


FlyGraphene is the next wave innovation in lubricant technology,

the long term longevity solution for all types of engines.

 FlyGraphene Nano Tech Graphene Oil is the True Game Changer



As FlyGraphene Nano Tech Motor Oils is expanding rapidly we are appointing partners and distributors in Asia Pacific, we are on constant lookout for the right people. 

 Are you the right one? Massive Reward Awaits!

Packaging Available from 4L, 5L, 7L, 20L and 200L. Fully Synthetic.